Photo of Antonella Pucci

Antonella Pucci

Research Assistant, Community-Campus Engage Canada

Antonella Pucci achieved her Master of Arts in Communication at Carleton University. Her research includes a broad range of health communication topics related to outbreak narratives, health panics, and the stigmatization of disease bodies. In her master’s thesis, entitled Forgive Me Child for I Have Sinned: Anti-Vaxxer Folk Devil Mothers and Narratives of Redemption, she closely looked at two highly mediatized case studies of anti-vaxxers changing their minds about vaccination and examined how these narratives can be applied to better promote vaccine awareness in communities by reducing hostility and improving patient engagement

Alongside Antonella’s academic background, she is also interested in community engagement, specifically how universities can support graduating students in finding practical experience and knowledge with community partners in their fields. Antonella has delved deeper into this interests through her work as a research assistant for the Community-Campus Engage Canada (CCEC) working group at CFICE. In her role, she engaged in several projects, such as conducting an environmental scan on different community-based organizations, developing CCEC website content and backgrounders, assisting in national and regional roundtable planning as well as providing her own input on student experiential involvement.