Photo of Diana Bronson

Diana Bronson

Community Co-lead, CCE Brokering (FS) Working Group
Website:Check out Diana's full bio on the Food Secure Canada website

Diana Bronson is the Executive Director of Food Secure Canada. She is trained as a political scientist and sociologist and has a professional background in journalism (CBC radio) and international human rights (Rights & Democracy) as well as international climate and technology negotiations at the UN (ETC Group.) Diana’s research, policy and advocacy work has centered on supporting social movements around the world, critically reviewing and educating around international trade and investment agreements, looking at the impacts of Canadian mining companies, and assessing the social and environmental impacts of emerging technologies. She has participated in many international negotiations on human rights, climate change, technology and sustainable development over the past two decades.

Areas of Interest: Food security, food sovereignty, international human rights, policy, advocacy, social movements, political science, climate change, technology, sustainable development