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Elizabeth Whitmore

Academic Co-lead, CCE Brokering (Ottawa) Working Group
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Bessa Whitmore’s teaching and community research has taken her all across the world! From Guyana, and Nicaragua to Chile, Ethiopia and Botswana, Bessa has extensive experience in international development work. She’s also an expert in evaluation, where she works on MDGs, studies how to use information technology most effectively and tries to improve monitoring and evaluation participatory approaches. She has written widely on these topics, including Seeds of fire: International development in an age of globalism (2000), an edited volume Understanding and practicing participatory evaluation (1998), in addition to book chapters and journal articles.

Bessa is a Professor Emerita at the Carleton University School of Social Work. She’s also a co-lead of CFICE’s Community-Campus Engagement Brokering (Ottawa) working group, and was the co-lead of CFICE’s Knowledge Mobilization hub in Phase I. In both roles, she brings unprecedented enthusiasm and international experience to the table.

Areas of Interest: International Development, Participatory Evaluation, information technology, MDGs, Monitoring and Evaluation, Globalism, Carleton University, Social Work, CFICE, Knowledge Mobilization, Capstone Seminar, World University Service of Canada, International Program for Development Evaluation Training