Photo of Patricia Ballamingie

Patricia Ballamingie

Academic Co-lead, Aligning Institutions for Community Impacts Working Group

Phone:613-520-2600 x 8566
Website:Check out Professor Ballamingie's Carleton University Profile

Patricia Ballamingie is our academic co-lead for the Aligning Institutions for Community Impacts working group, and was academic co-lead of the Environmental Sustainability (Ottawa) hub in Phase I.

Patricia is highly interested in praxis – the application of theory. She seeks to make teaching more transformative, and her research critical yet constructive and action-oriented. She’s also worked as a board member for Just Food Ottawa since 2011, striving towards vibrant, just, and sustainable food and farming systems in the region. Patricia is an associate professor and undergraduate coordinator in Environmental Studies and Human Geography at Carleton University, as well as a student advisor in that department. Her research interests include localizing food systems and sustainable community, community-university partnerships and environmental conflict and deliberative democracy.

Areas of Interest: Environmental sustainability, praxis, knowledge mobilization, action-research, Just Food Ottawa, food and farming, environmental studies and human geography, sustainable community, campus-university partnerships, deliberative democracy, environmental conflict