Please fill in the below form with as much detail as possible. You will want your most recent work plan and budget with you when you complete the form. Please note that you will not be able to save and return to your form, so please have all information prepared in advance. You will receive a confirmation email with all your form details once you submit the form.

Please submit your form according to the following deadlines:

January 15 Oct. 1 to Dec. 31
April 15 Jan. 1 to Mar. 31
July 15 Apr. 1 to June 30
October 15 July 1 to Sept. 30

CFICE Quarterly Report 2018 - 2019

Please use this form to provide the CFICE Secretariat with an update on the status of your project. Please have on hand your most recent Working Group Quarterly Progress Report.

  • Please fill in your email to receive confirmation following form submission.

  • Please BRIEFLY list your working group's accomplishments over the last quarter. Do NOT include outputs (save those for the outputs section).
  • Please list any deadlines or milestones your working group will be tackling in the next quarter. Where possible, please indicate if you would like feedback or participation from other working groups.

  • Please describe any major or important issues/challenges that arose this quarter and have not yet been addressed. Please include brief details on the main contact for the issue, any assistance required from the secretariat, and how the issue might be addressed. Issues may include getting ethics approvals, difficulties with funding disbursement, internal communication issues (with your WG or others), overwhelming deadlines, etc.
  • 4. OUTPUTS

  • Please list all outputs COMPLETED this quarter. These include presentations, blog posts, webinars, videos, etc. NOTE: There is a scroll bar below the chart!!!
    Hub/ WGOutput ID # (if assigned)Output Type (e.g. video)Target Audience (e.g. academic)Authors/Full Academic CitationStudent = Primary Author, Author, Contributor, N/A?Generated by Community, Academic, or Both?Date of Event/Publication (dd/mm/yyyy)Output ok to upload to website (y/n)? 
  • Please upload any outputs listed above that you have NOT already submitted to the secretariat. If the file(s) is larger than 15MB, please email it to
    Drop files here or
  • Please list any outputs scheduled to be completed next quarter. These include non-milestone related deliverables like blog posts, videos, etc.
    Output TypeBrief descriptionMain Contact NameProjected Completion Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 

  • Please list any new partners, collaborators, students, and volunteers that have joined your project over the past quarter. NOTE: There is a scroll bar!!!
    Name of Partner/ParticipantContact EmailAre they a Partner Institution, CoInvestigator, Collaborator, or Student (indicate Und/MA/PhD/Post-Doc)?IF a student, are they Canadian or permanent residents? (Y/N)Volunteer/Paid?Description of Contribution (activities they participate in)Start Date (dd/mm/yyyy)Projected End Date (dd/mm/yyyy) 
  • Please fill in the time and cash contributed by applicable partners this quarter. For the last column, please refer to the "SSHRC Contribution Types Legend" found in Appendix 2 of your most recent Working Group Quarterly Progress Report to indicate what the contribution covered.
    PartnerIn-Kind or Cash Contribution?Amount or Equivalent ($CDN)What did this contribution cover? 
  • Please fill in your estimates for the amount of volunteer time you and your academic partners have contributed to the CFICE project this quarter.
    Academic (Full Name)Estimated Time Spent on AdministrationEstimated time spent on research and knowledge mobilization activities 
  • 6. BUDGETS

    Please refer to Appendix 2 "Overall Project Budget Breakdown" for this year to complete this section. Please note that you are NOT required to put information into cells if you have not spent money in those categories. If you have made significant changes to your budget, please skip the budget questions and upload your revised budget with an explanation for the changes.
  • Reviewing the salaries listed in your budget, please fill in the expenses that have been paid out to date. E.g. If you budgeted $5,000 for an RA from Sept. 2016 - March 2017, and they worked for 4 months over the past quarter, they may have now received $2,000 for their work. You would therefore enter "$2,000" in the applicable category.
    Undergraduate SalaryMasters SalaryDoctorate SalaryPostDoc SalaryOther SalarySalary Research Allowance 
  • Reviewing the travel amounts listed in your budget, please fill in the expenses that have been paid out to date. E.g. If you budgeted $3,000 for Canadian travel, and you sent a WG member to a conference for $1,500 over the last quarter, then you would enter $1,500 in the Canadian Travel line.
    Canadian TravelForeign TravelCanadian Travel StudentForeign Travel Student 
  • Reviewing the Other Contributions section of your budget, please fill in the expenses that have been paid out to date. E.g. If you budgeted $3,000 for Working Group Governance, and you held a meeting costing $257, then you would enter this amount in the Governance and publications category.
    Professional/Technical ServicesSuppliesComputer HardwareGovernance and PublicationsCommunity Projects and Workshops 
  • Please explain if you have moved your budget allotments to new categories over this quarter (e.g. Moved $3,000 from Undergrad Salary to MA Salary because we hired an MA student instead).
  • If you have made significant changes to your budget category allotments, or you need to submit your next year's budget, please upload it here. Please note: By significant changes we mean moving funding allocated in one year to the next (e.g. deciding not to spend your year 5 RA funding and instead spending it in year 6) or significantly revising how the current money is allotted.
    Accepted file types: xls, xlsx, doc, docx.