What a fabulous topic for a blog post!  I can only hope that this will help those of you who are taking my advice and looking over your academic audit.  Your audit is a summary of where you stand in your degree milestones and what you have already accomplished.  This is a brief tutorial to help you read this document:

Time Limits are listed in the format of a four-digit year such as 2014, followed by either 10, 20, or 30.  These last two numbers refer to the semester.  So if your Time Limit displays as 201510 – this means that you are required to submit your final dissertation by the end of the winter semester 2015.  10 = Winter Semester; 20 = Summer Semester and 30= Fall Semester.

Milestones are also listed  as well as the time frame by which they should be met – check these at least once a year and if you have missed a milestone, contact Paul Théberge and/or me to discuss how and when you will complete the missing milestones.  This will also give you a chance to check to see if your Language Requirement has been checked off as well. This is a common error in audits – even if we request that this requirement be waived on admission, it is a good thing to check.

If in doubt, make an appointment and come see me – we can review your audit together.