Photo of Annette de Stecher

Annette de Stecher

Assistant Professor, Art History, University of Colorado Boulder

Degrees:Ph.D (Carleton University)

Dr. Annette de Stecher, Cultural Mediations Ph.D. (2013), Engaged histories: Wendat women’s souvenir arts of cultural preservation and entrepreneurial invention. (Supervisor: Professor Ruth Phillips). Annette is an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. She teaches and publishes in the areas of historical and contemporary Indigenous art histories and critical museology. Her publications include “Integrated Practices: Huron-Wendat Traditions of Diplomacy and Museology,” Journal of Curatorial Studies, 2014; “The Art of Community,” RACAR, 2017, and “Of Chiefs and Kings: Wendat and British Diplomatic Traditions, 1838-1842,” Ethnologies, 2017. Her book Wendat Women’s Arts is forthcoming with McGill-Queen’s University Press in April 2022. Dr. de Stecher has begun a new area of study, histories of Indigenous-settler diplomacy and intercultural relations expressed through the creation of silver gifts, known as trade silver, and the movement of these gifts over ancestral Indigenous transcontinental water-highways.