Photo of Jessica Paola Marino

Jessica Paola Marino

PhD Graduate, Literary Studies

Degrees:Hons. B.A. Spanish and German Studies (York University), M.A. Comparative Literature (University of Western Ontario), PhD Cultural Mediations (Carleton University)

Dr. Jessica Paola Marino is a  PhD graduate from the Cultural Mediations program. Her research interests are centred on cultural representations which mark the interconnections of memory between different historical traumas, in particular the Holocaust and the dictatorships in the Southern Cone of Latin America (Uruguay, Chile, Argentina) of the 1970s.

She is interested in the decentralization of Holocaust memory and the interconnection of personal and collective memories across cultural and geographical spaces. Her research seeks to bring attention to Latin American and Jewish Latin American representations of traumatic memory relating to the Southern Cone dictatorships of the 1970s and the Holocaust.

Doctoral Project

THESIS TITLE: Holocaust Memory, Aesthetics and the Dictatorships of the Southern Cone of Latin
America: Interconnecting Memories and Traumas

Defence date: Wednesday December 06, 2023, 0900 510 Tory Building

Her research aims to highlight the interconnections of these European and Latin American traumatic memories to further our understanding of Holocaust memory, Latin American cultural memory and traumatic aesthetics.

Selected Conference Presentations 
Guest Lecture
• “HOV Module 5: Memory and the Holocaust: An Introduction.” Hear Our Voices: Holocaust Survivors Share their Stories of Trauma and Hate/ Écoutez nos Voix! Survivants de la Shoah partagent leurs moments de haine et de traumatismes. eCampus Ontario and the Zelikovitz Centre for Jewish Studies, 2022

Keynote Speaker at Roundtable Presentation
• “Remembering the Past in the Present and Future: The Role of Cultural Productions and Virtual Technology to Commemorate the Holocaust and the Uruguayan Dictatorship.” The Art of Forgetting, Memory, Loss, and Revision, UOttawa 14th Annual Graduate Student Conference, University of Ottawa, 7 Mar. 2021, online.

Paper Presentations
• “Palimpsests of Memory and the Space of Death: Representing the Holocaust through Jerzy Skapski’s Every Day at Auschwitz.” Space in Holocaust Memory and Representation, Institute of Humanities, University of Northumbria, 20 Nov. 2021, online.

• “Intersections of Holocaust and Latin American Memory: Jewish Writers Remembering the Holocaust and the Dictatorships of Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile,” MSA Forward Postgraduate Workshop, MSA 5th Annual Conference, 1 July 2021, online.

• “Remembering the Holocaust through Evolving Technologies: Survivor Testimony and the Representation of the Holocaust in Virtual Reality,” AJS 52nd Annual Conference, 15 Dec. 2020, online.

• “‘The Last Goodbye’ – Crossing the Boundaries between the Virtual and Contributions: the Real, and the Ethics of Holocaust Representation,” (UN)Bound: Interdisciplinary Dialogues Graduate Conference, Carleton University, Ottawa, 4 May, 2019.

• “Transforming Berlin’s Empty Spaces into Sites of Memory with the Works of Christian Boltanski and Wim Wenders.” Coding, Decoding, Recoding, MLL and CSTC Graduate Conference, The University of Western Ontario, London, 15 Mar. 2019

Selected Publications
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles
• Marino, Jessica. “Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Recounting the Past and Framing the Future through Literature, Film, Virtual Reality.” The Scattered Pelican: Graduate Journal of Comparative Literature, summer 2021, pp. 16-29,

Master’s Thesis
• Marino, Jessica. Cultural Memory and the Traumatic Past: Examining the Voids in Contemporary German and Uruguayan Literature, Museums, and Film. MA Thesis, The University of Western Ontario, London, August 2018.

TA Assignment / Courses Taught 
Research Assistant, Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture
• Cultural Mediations (Winter 2022)

Teaching Assistant, School of Linguistics and Language Studies, Carleton University
• Spanish 1010, 2010 (Fall 2021)
• German 1020, 4110 (Winter 2019)

Teaching Assistant, Bachelor of Global and International Studies, Carleton University
• GINS 2020 – Global Literatures (Winter 2021, Fall 2020, Winter 2020, Fall 2019, Fall 2018)

Teaching Assistant, Department of Language and Cultures, University of Western Ontario
• ITA 2220 – Italian Conversation (Winter 2018)
• CLC 2132/ITA 2240 – Italian Journeys (Fall 2017)
• CLC 1040 – Apps and Ideas that Changed the World (Fall 2016-
Winter 2017)