Photo of Noah Taj

Noah Taj

PhD Student, Literary Studies

Degrees:B.Comm (University of Ottawa), M.A. (Carleton University)

Noah H. Taj completed his finance degree at the University of Ottawa and presently works as an auditor. He subsequently completed an MA in Religion at Carleton University, where he is now pursuing his doctorate at the Institute of Comparative Studies in Literature, Arts, and Culture (ICSLAC) as well as conducting research on the Qūnawī-Ṭūsī correspondence at the Centre for the Study of Islam. His publications have been featured in major peer-reviewed venues, such as JMIAS, Studia Islamica, and The Philosophical Forum.

Areas of Academic Interest
Epistolary Theory, Islamic Philosophy, Akbarianism

Conference Presentations

“From Aqwāl to Aḥwāl: Bahāʾ al-Dīn al-Qazwīnī’s (d. 580/1184) Commentary on Chapter 91 from Manāzil al-sāʾirīn.” Bridging the Gap: Texts, Commentaries and the New Audience. Humboldt University. Berlin, July 27–30, 2023.

“Ibn Kamāl’s Fatwā on Ibn ʿArabī: A Study & Translation.” Beginnings (Canadian Association for the Study of Islam and Muslims, Inaugural Conference). McMaster University. Hamilton, May 26, 2022.

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • “Dawūd al-Qayṣarī: On Recognizing Real Love.” Global Philosophy: A Sourcebook, edited by Mohammed Rustom. Sheffield: Equinox, accepted and forthcoming.
  • “Mullā Qābiḍ & The Question of Prophetic Superiority: An Annotated Study and Translation of Ibn Kamāl Pāshā’s (d. 940/1534) Risālat fī ʾAfḍaliyyat Muḥammad.” Studia Islamica (Brill), accepted and forthcoming.
  • “On Rooting Religious Studies: The Metaphysical Proposal of René Guénon.” The Philosophical Forum (Wiley) 54, no. 1-2 (2023): 3-26.
  • “Ibn Kamāl’s Fatwā on Ibn ʿArabī: A Study & Translation.” Journal of Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Society 72 (2022): 37-64.

Book Reviews

  • Review of Jari Kaukua, Suhrawardī’s Illuminationism: A Philosophical Study (Leiden: Brill, 2022), Journal of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations (Routledge), forthcoming.
  • Review of Mukhtar Ali, Philosophical Sufism: An Introduction to the School of Ibn al-‘Arabī. Routledge Studies in Islamic Philosophy (London: Routledge, 2021), Studia Islamica (Brill) 117 (2022): 380-3.
  • Review of Mohammed Rustom (trans.), Al-Ghazālī, The Condemnation of Pride and Self-Admiration (Cambridge: Islamic Texts Society, 2018), Al-Abhath (Brill) 69 (2021): 244-7.Miscellaneous
  • “From the Divine to the Human: New Perspectives on Evil, Suffering, and the Global Pandemic: Conference Report.” June 28–30th, 2022 (online). Journal of Islamic and Muslim Studies 7, no. 2 (2022): 120-7.

TA Assignment / Courses Taught

  • Judaism, Christianity and Islam RELI 1710
  • Mystical and Contemplative Traditions RELI 2713
  • The Qur’an RELI 2330
  • Islam RELI 2310