Students living in residence have a particular responsibility for keeping their home safe.

Start by taking a few minutes to view our Residence Fire Safety training presentation for an overview of Residence Fire Safety at Carleton University.

  • Make sure hallways and exits are free from obstruction (e.g. bicycles, boxes, furniture).
  • Keep all doors closed. They are designed to stop or delay the spread of smoke, toxic gases and fire. Your escape route could be blocked by fire or smoke if these doors are propped open.
  • Keep office/dorm room entry doors free of combustible material (paper, decorations, etc.…)
  • Ensure trash and recyclable materials are placed in the appropriate containers. They can catch fire easily and emit toxic smoke, especially if left near outlets or power bars.
  • If you notice missing exit signs, notify the Housing and Residence Life Services staff or report it through a good catch report so appropriate action can be taken.
  • Use only approved electrical devices with CSA or ULC designation and do not overload outlets or power bars.
  • Unplug electrical equipment such as irons, hair straighteners, and kettles when they are not in use. Never leave them unattended and do no store them until they are cooled.
  • Cooking appliances are only permitted in kitchen prep areas of suite-style residences. These areas are equipped to handle the heat/potential for fire.
  • Candles, incense, vaping, and smoking are NOT permitted in Residence.

Students living in residence wishing to self-identify as having mobility issues that may prevent safe evacuation can do so through Attendant Services. In the event that Attendant Services is not operating while you are residing in residence, please fill out our Persons Requesting Assistance form.

Fire Safety brochures have been developed for building-specific information. These brochures can be found below.