Follow these instructions when filling out the Engineering Request Form:

  • BEFORE filling in this form, attempt to register in all required courses on your own.
  • This form can only address engineering course requests:
  • To access non-engineering courses, submit the Registration Override Request form on Carleton Central

Your request will be DENIED if;
x You have not listed ALL courses that you are registered in on your schedule.
x You have not attempted registration in the desired course(s) first.
x You are requesting a conflict in your schedule (Conflicts of any kind are NOT permitted).
x You are asking for non-engineering courses (see specified list of engineering courses above).
x You are asking for Graduate level courses; only undergrad BEng courses can be selected.

Access the Engineering Request Form through the link to the Scheduler Tool. (list all courses you are registered in along with all courses you wish to be registered in.)

The form may close periodically for maintenance or holidays in which staff are not available.