All requests for override access to undergraduate engineering courses are processed using the Engineering Override Request (EOR) form.

The Engineering Scheduler Tool can be used to create a timetable with the Timetable Assistant, and/or submit an override request for undergraduate engineering courses.

Please read the instructions posted below before submitting your request.

Scheduler Tool: Engineering Override Request

Override Request Instructions


Timetable Assistant Instructions


Access Scheduler Tool: Engineering Override Request →

An EOR submission may be cancelled for any of the following reasons:

  • If you have not attempted to register on Carleton Central
  • If you have not included a complete timetable in your submission, which includes:
    1. all courses you are registered in,
    2. the course(s) you are requesting, and
    3. any non-engineering course(s) that you have requested via Carleton Central
  • If you are requesting a non-engineering or graduate-level course
  • If you are requesting a schedule conflict; conflicts of any kind are not permitted

The Engineering Academic Support Office strives to respond to all EOR submissions within 5 business days. A decision will be sent to your Carleton email from the “EngAcadSupport” or “ECORSupport” email account.

Please note: the EOR system may close periodically for maintenance or holidays in which staff are not available. If you have any questions about how to use the Engineering Override Requests system, please contact us.