Undergraduate students are welcome to contact their departmental academic advisor for assistance with course planning. Departmental advisors are available to assist with course selection, program options, course availability, advice on engineering electives, and academic performance evaluation information.

Please contact your advisor using the email address indicated below.

Note: advising inquiries for all first-year B.Eng. students can be directed to ECORSupport@cunet.carleton.ca.

Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism

Professor Janine Debanné

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Programs included: Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Conservation & Sustainability Engineering.

Professor Shawn Kenny

Department of Electronics

Programs included: Electrical, Engineering Physics, and Sustainable & Renewable Energy Engineering (Stream A).

Professor Barry Syrrett

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Programs included: Mechanical, Aerospace, Biomedical & Mechanical, and Sustainable & Renewable Energy Engineering (Stream B).

Professor Hanspeter Frei
contact via maeadvising@cunet.carleton.ca

Department of Systems and Computer Engineering

Programs included: Computer Systems, Software, Communications, and Biomedical & Electrical Engineering.

Professor Greg Franks

School of Industrial Design

Director Bjarki Hallgrimsson

School of Information Technology

IMD Coordinator
Professor Robert Teather

IRM Coordinator
Professor Omair Shafiq

NET Coordinator
Professor Marc St-Hilaire

PLT Coordinator
Professor Ashraf Matrawy