Professor Piotr Dutkiewicz (EURUS) has published a new book titled: Eurasia on the Edge: Managing Complexity.

Eurasia, wherever one draws the boundaries, is very much at the center of discussions about today’s world. Security across Eurasia is a global concern and has been subject to a range of discussions and debates. However, the current tensions over security and the world order, with the growing challenges from Eurasia and Asia, require more intense scrutiny. Eurasia on the Edge: Managing Complexity explores the challenges facing the region and assesses how to achieve economic, social, and political stability in the Eurasian core. The chapters in this book are written by prominent experts in the field and, together, contribute to the continuing debate by providing policy advice for managing crises in the region.

The rapidly shifting geopolitical, economic, and security dynamics on the Eurasian super continent will alter the international system for decades to come in the twenty-first century. The editors have assembled an impressive international team of scholars to comprehensively assess critical changes taking place and challenges ahead for peace and global governance. Eurasia on the Edge will be of great interest to scholars as well as very useful for teaching undergraduate- and graduate-level courses.” —ANDREW C. KUCHINS, Georgetown University

“The tectonic plates of geopolitics are shifting toward Eurasia where the divided West and the rising ‘rest’ intersect. As the East—led by Russia, China, and India—challenges the Western-dominated world order, a new contest over security is unfolding that has global reach and significance. This is a brilliant book, combining erudition with robust argument, by a superb range of outstanding contributors. It sets new standards and offers the best analysis of Eurasian security questions in a fast-changing world—a must-read for scholars, students, politicians, diplomats, and policy-makers.” —ADRIAN PABST, Reader in Politics, University of Kent

Eurasia on the Edge: Managing Complexity

Piotr Dutkiewicz on the panel discussion on Eurasian security

with former Afghan President Hamid Karzai