EU Study Tour 2024 

Earn a 0.5 course credit this summer… in Europe!

The European Union (EU) Study Tour is an initiative of the European Studies Network (Canada), a consortium of Canadian universities of which Carleton is a member. The Tour consists of 18 days (May 13-31, 2024) in Europe, involving meetings and consultations at a wide range of European institutions in locations like Brussels, Luxembourg, and Frankfurt (view the 2023 itinerary here). Students participating in the Tour may also apply to participate in an internship program (2 months or more) with a European institution.

If you have any further questions regarding the Tour please contact Professor Crina Viju-Miljusevic at

Interested to learn more? Click this link to register for the upcoming information session on December 12th at 6:30pm.

Application Deadline and Procedure:

  • Applications to the Tour are made through Carleton University.
  • The deadline for applications is Thursday, January 11, 2024. Applications should be submitted via email as a PDF file to Prof. Crina Viju, Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, Carleton University: 

Your application should consist of:

(a) a letter of application, stating your interest in the Tour and previous work in European studies or European integration studies;

(b) for students who are not enrolled in the EURUS MA or the European Integration graduate diploma program, a confidential letter of support from one faculty member (please ask the faculty member to email the letter to Prof. Viju at the address above. For students who are considering applying for the internship, please also mention to the faculty member that the letter will be circulated as part of the file to prospective organizations during internship placement); for EURUS graduate or diploma students, the name and contact information  of a faculty member who can provide a reference; and

(c)  a copy of your transcript for the past two years.

Additional materials may be requested. Be sure to include your official Carleton email address in your letter of application as well as a tentative indication of whether you plan to apply for an internship position. (The internship will not affect your acceptance for the Tour and is not binding.)


Permission of the Institute is required for registration. This will be assessed on the basis of your application. The following guidelines may be helpful:

  • Graduate students from any Carleton program are eligible to apply; graduate students should have course background on the EU or contemporary European studies.
  • Undergraduate students who have third or fourth year standing by the beginning of the summer 2023 term are eligible to apply (i.e. current second-year students and above). Specific coursework recommended for eligibility would be EURR 2001 and EURR 2002, or PSCI 3207.

Course Registration:

Graduate students accepted will enrol in EURR 5302 in the first summer term. This course will involve about 12 hours of class meetings at Carleton University prior to the May Tour start date, required readings, written assignments; and a post-Tour class session, as well as participation in the Tour. For the undergraduate students information regarding registration will be provided at a later date.


The Centre for European Studies Jean Monnet EU Centre of Excellence, with support from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union might provide some financial support to eligible students to help defray the cost of the program, based on financial need. Once your application for the Tour is accepted, you will be notified of how to apply for a grant if they are available. You should approach your home department for support as well, once accepted to the Tour. BGINS students should apply for their IER bursary through BGINS.


A separate application for internships is required. Additional information about the process for applying for an internship and a tentative list of anticipated internship placements will be made available soon. The internship application deadline will likely be in late January-early February 2023.


The Tour fee for the year 2024 is $3,400 for Carleton students. This includes transportation between and in European cities, all accommodations during the tour, and some meals and receptions. The fee does not include transatlantic airfare, and the cost of tuition for EURR 4302/5302 class.