Bachelor of Arts Programs

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at Carleton University offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to the study of Europe, Russia and Eurasia. Students at EURUS can build a program according to their specific interests, combining subjects such as history, politics, economics, international affairs, language and culture. You will examine issues such as international security, nationalism and ethnic conflict, crime and corruption, the effects of globalization, migration and multiculturalism, environmental and social policy, democratization and civil society, collective memory and national identity, market reform, and European integration. In your third or fourth year you may choose to take part in an academic exchange in a European country, in Eurasia and/or to pursue co-op employment. In addition to the core academic program, the Institute hosts several special lectures by high-profile experts, foreign visitors and embassy personnel throughout the year. An internship program is available to qualified fourth-year students.

The Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts in European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (EURUS), as well as a Specialization in Europe and Russia in the World within the Bachelor of Global and International Studies (BGInS).

These programs allow you to focus on any part of Europe, Russia or Eurasia while gaining a broader understanding of regional developments and interactions. EURUS courses are taught by a team of experts and experienced professionals from a vast range of disciplines, including political science, history, and international affairs. Visit our Get to Know Us page for more information on life at EURUS and student testimonials.

Combined Degrees and Minors

The EURUS degree program can be combined with other BA (Honours) programs. These include:

It can also be combined with minor programs in other departments, including European languages.

EURUS also offers a 4.0 credit minor program in European and Russian Studies. By adding this minor to your program, you can make the strengths of Carleton in the area of European and Russian studies part of your degree. The minor is open to all students who are not already part of other EURUS programs.

The degree requires 20.0 credits, usually completed over 4 years of full-time study. EURUS also offers a specialization in “Europe and Russia in the World” through the BGInS program. For more information click here.

Required credits for the program include courses in European and Russian Studies, History, Political Science, Economics, as well as Culture & Literature.

To learn more about the courses offered and the program breakdown by year check out the Undergraduate Calendar.

Language Requirements

All candidates in the European and Russian Studies B.A., B.A. Honours and B.A. Combined Honours programs are required to demonstrate proficiency in a major regional language.  Language proficiency is defined as the completion of an intermediate level of university language instruction (two years, 2.0 Carleton credits).  Students who wish to count a relevant regional language that is not taught at Carleton should consult with and request approval from the Undergraduate Supervisor.

To fulfill the degree requirements, you will need to demonstrate proficiency in a European language other than English. You may select one of the following languages: French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, or Polish. The language you choose depends on your geographical area of interest. The language requirement can be met by passing a language examination or by completing a specified third-year language course.

To learn more check out the Language Requirements section of the Undergraduate Calendar above!

Co-op & Internship Program

EURUS now offers a co-operative education option to qualified students in the BA (Honours) program. The co-op program allows students to gain applied knowledge in the workplace in a variety of a government and non-governmental organizations inside and outside of Ottawa. Students who are accepted into the co-op program will being their placements during the fall term of their third year of study, and must complete at least three work term placements. For more information visit the Carleton Co-op Website.

Qualified fourth-year BA (Honours) students from EURUS are also eligible to apply to the Institute’s internship program. This is an excellent opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience while earning academic credit.

Exchange Opportunities

Take your studies abroad and dive into the dynamic regions studied at EURUS through an exchange in your third or fourth year of study!

EURUS is pleased to offer exchange opportunities and the chance to complete the EU Study Tour. For stories from past and present students, please view our Student Experience Abroad page. Other exchanges are also provided through Carleton’s International Student Services Office.