Entrance Scholarships

Carleton University awards scholarships tenable at the University in the Fall/Winter session of the year of offer to undergraduate students who have demonstrated a high potential for university studies. The intention of the scholarship policy is to recognize, attract and provide incentives for excellence.

If you have been admitted to Carleton with an admission average of 80 percent or better, you will automatically be considered for one of our Entrance Scholarships. Carleton offers an array of scholarships to students in program as well.


Applicants can also apply for financial assistance in the form of a bursary — a monetary award that is granted on the basis of financial need. A Carleton University Entrance Bursary will provide you with additional funds and will help you meet the direct educational costs of your first-year studies.

For detailed information on all of Carleton’s scholarships and bursaries available to undergraduate students, visit the Awards and Financial Aid website.