EU Study Tour and associated internships in Europe

The European Union (EU) Study Tour is a joint initiative of the European Studies Network (Canada), a consortium of Canadian universities of which Carleton is a member. The Tour consists of 19-20 days in Europe, involving consultations at a wide range of European institutions in Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, and Frankfurt. Students participating in the Tour may apply to participate in an internship (2 months or more) in a European institution; internships take place after the Tour. Students may apply to Carleton’s Centre for European Studies for some financial assistance to participate in the Tour. The Tour is advertised in December of each academic year. Click here to learn more about the 2020 tour! 

Exchange Opportunities

Through Carleton’s International Student Services Office, formal exchange programs enable qualified EURUS students to spend one to two terms at the various universities in the region of study. Particularly popular among EURUS students are the exchanges with:

For more information visit the ISSO website. EURUS students may also apply to spend up to three months at the University of St. Petersburg to undertake study of the Russian language during the summer months. EURUS encourages student participation in the exchange programs.

Research Abroad

Given the pace of change in the region, many students find fieldwork to be extremely helpful for gaining a deeper understanding of the ongoing political, economic, and social transformations, as well as a good means to improve language skills. EURUS will assist students, where possible, in carrying out research in the region of study. We are able to provide financial support for research abroad through travel-research grants from the Centre for European Studies (for research on the EU), the Kinross Gold Fund in Russian Studies (for research on Russia/Central Asia) and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs.

Student Testimonials

Here you can read about EURUS students’ experiences abroad as they take part in the many opportunities provided to travel during your degree, including popular ones such as the EU Study Tour and summer language training. These opportunities include learning experiences in places such as Brussels and Antwerp, Belgium; Munich, Germany; St. Petersburg, Russia; Rome, Italy; Baku, Azerbaijan; and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Click on the photos below to learn more!

Phillip Swallow
Phillip – Internship in Antwerp Carlos – Research in Barcelona Nadiya – Internship in Darmstadt
Christina – Internship in Antwerp Maddy – Internship in Munich Stuart – Research in Brussels
Catherine Malezis Ebru Brussels button Kate StP button
Catherine – Fieldwork in Kyrgyzstan Ebru – EU Study Tour and Internship Kate – Exchange to St. Petersburg State University
Giovanna pic button Jason Baku button Chris - Kyrg Inukshuk button
Giovanna – From Canada’s Capital to the Eternal City Jason – Research in Baku, Azerbaijan Chris – Russian Language Training in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan