Grants on the European Union, European Integration, or EU-Canada Relations
(Spring/Summer 2019)

Based on funding from the European Union, the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Carleton
University – which forms part of the Centre for European Studies – invites applications from Carleton
University graduate students for travel research grants to support Ph.D. and M.A. student research in
the European Union.

The topic of the research and the purpose of the travel must be clearly related to the European Union,
European integration, or EU-Canada relations. Please note that only research conducted in member
states of the EU can be funded; research in candidate states or countries that are not EU member
states is not eligible. Travel and use of grant funds must be completed, and all receipts must be
submitted, by August 31, 2019. Certain conditions are attached to the dispensing of awarded funds
which you will be notified about if a grant is received.

Applications should include the following:

• A letter of application (1-2 pages), including your email address and program of study; this letter
of application should explain why research in the EU is necessary and what research activities
will be involved, as well as the proposed timing, length, and location of the research in Europe.

• An outline of the research project (2 pages);

• A detailed budget of costs of the research travel, indicating other sources of funding expected or
applied for to help cover these costs; the latter should include employment income or stipends
expected to be received during the same academic term in which the travel will occur (usually
the spring/summer term); and,

• A letter of support from the (actual or prospective) research supervisor, sent directly to the
following email address, , with the title line, Reference for EU Travel
grant application, YOURNAME (i.e., name of applicant).

The maximum grant available for students from Carleton University is $1800. Applications will be
considered by a selection committee. Whether a grant is awarded and the size of a grant will depend
on whether the project meets the criteria outlined, the centrality of the research to the student’s
program of study, available funds, whether it is an M.A. or Ph.D. project, the number of proposals
funded, and the committee’s assessment of the needs of the particular project. Each proposal will be
considered individually in light of these criteria, and a particular request for funding may be adjusted
upward or downward accordingly. It is not anticipated that a grant will cover all incurred costs for
research in the EU.

Application materials should be sent by email to the following address:

Your email should have a title line, EU Travel grant application, YOURNAME and include one PDF attachment with your letter, outline and budget. Applications may be submitted at any time but should arrive no later than February 15, 2019. Further information can be obtained by sending an email to Prof. Achim Hurrelmann,

CES Graduate Travel Research 2019

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence activities
are co‐funded by a grant from the Erasmus+
Programme of the European Union.