Headshot of Dr. Tatsiana Amosava

Dr. Tatsiana Amosava was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC). The award is for her postdoctoral research project, Humour in Anti-Authoritarian Political Discourse in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The award is valued at CAD 45,000.

Dr. Amosava received her PhD in sociology from the University of Ottawa in 2022 where she defended her dissertation titled “The Internet as a Space of Different Nostalgic Visions of the USSR by the Russian-speaking internauts” under the supervision of Professor Claude Denis. Her research interests are in the former Soviet Union with a special focus on its European part. She will be implementing her postdoctoral project on humour in wartime politics under the guidance of Professor Paul Goode.