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Agnieszka Weinar
Office:1102 Dunton Tower
Centre for European Studies

Agnieszka Weinar

Degrees: Ph.D (University of Warsaw, Poland)

Research Interests European migration policy and politics; Central and Eastern Europe societies; migration in Europe and Americas; migrant integration; diaspora and nationalism; mobility governance, including trade agreements; migration governance; justice and home affairs; EU-Canada relations on JHA issues.

I am interested in co-supervising MA thesis that engage with the above themes.

Current  and Recent Positions

  • Adjunct Research Professor at the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (EURUS), Carleton University (2016-)
  • Research Fellow and Scientific Coordinator at the European University Institute, Florence Italy (2011-2017)
  • Visiting Scholar at the Institute of European and Russian Studies (EURUS), Carleton University (2014-2016)
  • Visiting Scholar at the Brussels School of International Studies, Kent University (2010-2011)
  • Policy Officer at DG HOME, European Commission (2007-2010)
  • Lecturer and Assistant Professor at the American Studies Center, University of Warsaw (2004-2007)
  • Researcher at the Centre for Migration Research, University of Warsaw (2001-2008)

Current Research Projects Politics of immigration on the European continent

Selected Publications (last five years)


(2018, forthcoming) Europe outside Europe: membership and identification of Europeans in Canada, Routledge.

Edited works

(2018, forthcoming) with Saskia Bonjour and Lyubov Zhyznomirska, Routledge Handbook of Politics of Migration in Europe, Routledge.

(2018, forthcoming) co-edited with Amanda Klekowski-von Koppenfels, Emigrants or mobile citizens? Migration in the global North, Special Section of International Migration.

(2017) editor, Diaspora and emigration policies in the age of mobility, Springer.

(2017) co-editor with Philippe Fargues and Anne Unterreiner, Migrant integration between Homeland and Host Society: where does the country of origin fit? Springer.

(2015) with M. Sanfilippo, Chinese migration and economic relations with Europe, Routledge.

(2014) guest editor, “Migrations in Post-Soviet space”, Special Section of International Migration.

Journal Articles

(2017) “From emigrants to free movers: wither European emigration policy?”, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Jan 11:1-9

(2014) “A Look at Migrations in the Post‐Soviet Space–the Case of Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Russian Federation.” International Migration, 52(5), 47-51.

Chapters in books

(2018, forthcoming) “European emigration governance”, in A. Weinar, S. Bonjour and L. Zhyznomirska, Routledge Handbook of Politics of Migration in Europe, Routledge.

(2018 forthcoming) “EU cooperation in Justice and Home Affairs with Australia and Canada: new ties that bind?” in F. Trauner et al. eds. Routledge Handbook on Justice and Home Affairs, Routledge.

(2017) Legal migration in the EU’s external policy: An objective or a bargaining chip? In Pathways towards Legal Migration into the EU: Reappraising concepts, trajectories and policies. CEPS Paperback.

(2017) “Various shades of temporariness as a new policy challenge” In Pathways towards Legal Migration into the EU: Reappraising concepts, trajectories and policies. CEPS Paperback.

(2017) with Sylvain Beck. “Mobile French Citizens and La Mère-Patrie: Emigration and Diaspora Policies in France.” In A. Weinar ed. Emigration and Diaspora Policies in the Age of Mobility.

(2017) “Turkish and Russian experiences of integration in Germany”, with Jan Schneider, in Di Bartolomeo, Kalantaryan and Salamonska, From home to home? Integration of diasporas, Springer.

(2017) “Governance of integration form the country of origin perspective”, with Maria Vincenza Desiderio and Cameron Thibos, in Fargues, Unterreiner, Weinar eds. From Home to Home? Integration as a three-way process, Springer.

(2017) “Cooperation on migration and the revised European Neighbourhood Policy”, in T. Schumacher and D. Bouris ed. The Revised European Neighbourhood Policy. Continuity and Change in EU Foreign Policy, Palgrave.


Working Papers, research reports, policy research papers

(2014) with MV Desiderio, Supporting Immigrant Integration in Europe. Developing the Governance for Diaspora Engagement. Brussels: Migration Policy Institute Europe.

(2014) with A. Bara, A Di Bartolomeo, O. Korneev, Regional migration report: Russia and Central Asia. EUI, Florence.

(2014) with A. Di Bartolomeo, Sh. Makaryan, S. Mananshvili, Regional migration report: South Caucasus. EUI, Florence.

(2014) with A. Bara, A. Di Bartolomeo, Regional Migration Report : Eastern Europe. EUI, Florence.

(2013) with Z. Brunarska, S. Manashvili, “Return, readmission and reintegration in the Eastern Partnership countries: An overview” CARIM-East Research Report 2013/17, EUI, Florence.

(2012) with A. Di Bartolomeo, Sh. Makaryan, S. Mananashvili  “Circular Migration in Eastern Partnership Countries. An overview”. CARIM-East Research Report 2012/30, EUI, Florence.

(2012) with O. Korneev, S. Makaryan, S. Mananashvili “Consequences of Schengen Visa Liberalisation for the Citizens of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova”. CARIM-East Research Report 2012/01, EUI, Florence.