David Sichinava

Adjunct Research Professor

Degrees:Ph.D (Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University) 2015


Dr. David Sichinava lectures at Carleton University’s Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (EURUS). He also serves as Research Director at the Caucasus Research Resource Centre (CRRC-Georgia), a Tbilisi-based think tank. Dr. Sichinava’s research focuses on elections and public opinion, housing and urban development in Eurasia, and geographies of conflict and displacement.


PhD in Human Geography, summa cum laude, 2015. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Dissertation: ”Spatial Aspects of Electoral Behavior in Georgia (Based on 2008-2014 Elections)”

Advisor: Dr. Giorgi Gogsadze

Canadian equivalency outcome: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree from a recognized university (assessed by the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies, application No. X398927)

MA in Human Geography, with honors, 2010. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

BA in Social Sciences (specialization: Human Geography), 2008. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


Geographical area of focus: post-Soviet Eurasia.

Substantive research interests: Politics of urban development, elections, geographies of conflict and displacement.

Methodological areas of focus: public opinion polling, causal inference, automated text analysis, geographic information systems (GIS)


  • EURR4202A/EURR5202S/PSCI5915A: Urban Transformations in Post-Soviet Eurasia (Summer 2021 and 2022)
  • EURR 2002A: Europe and Russia in the World (Fall 2021)
  • EURR 4209A/PSCI 4504A: Politics of the Caucasus and the Caspian Basin (Winter 2022)


  • SSHRC Connections grant: ”Displacement in Wartime: Routes and Destinations, Space, Place and Pluralism: Russia’s Invasion, Ukrainian Actions and Consequences for Europe and Eurasia” (co-investigator, 2022)
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany: ”Green Mobilisations in the cities of Central Asia and the South Caucasus,” funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany (co-applicant, 2019)
  • The Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia: ”Examining the Social Impacts of Large, Private Sector Urban Development in Batumi and Tbilisi, Georgia.” (principal investigator, 2019)
  • Association of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies (ASEEES) Regional Scholar Travel Grant, 2018


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