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Piotr Dutkiewicz

Professor – Russian and East European Politics

Degrees:L.L.M., University of Warsaw; Ph.D., Russian Academy of Science, Moscow
Phone:613-520-2600 x 5628

Research Interests Related to European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies

Piotr Dutkiewicz is Professor of Political Science and former Director of the Institute of European and Russian Studies.   He was educated at Warsaw University (LLM) and the Russian Academy of Science, Moscow (Ph.D.). He was a Fellow of St. Peter’s and Nuffield Colleges in Oxford and a Visiting Professor at Berkeley University, Institute for International Relations (USA) and taught at Warsaw University in Poland (1977-1989) and Queen’s University (1990-1993) in Kingston, Ontario.

Professor Dutkiewicz was editor-in-chief of a 19 volume series on “Local and Regional Development in Poland and Eastern Europe” (1986-1989) and editor (or co-editor) of 12 books. He is also the author of many chapters in books and articles in professional journals.  He was a Director of four large scales, high visibility Projects in Russia funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (on regional development, unemployment insurance, labor market and social policies).  He is currently is involved in CIDA -AUCC lead project on juvenile justice and youth at risk in Russia. He was also a member of a Canadian Official State delegation to Russia in 2003 (lead by Gov. General Adrienne Clarkson).  May, 2006 he received a doctorate Honoris Causa from the People’s Friendship University and in 2007 the Honorary Degree from the Russian academy of Public Administration in Moscow for the “very significant contribution to the development of Canada- Russia relations and quality of research”.

He is a member of the Valdai Club, a group of forty world renowned experts on Russia; in 2009 he received the Russian Federation’s Order of Friendship from President Dmitry Medvedev.

Piotr Dutkiewicz Book List

Mapping a New World Order: The Rest Beyond the West, (co-edited with Vladimir Popov), (Edgar Edward Publishing , 2017) 

Social History of Post-Communist Russia , Routledge (co-edited with Richard Sakwa and Vladimir Kulikov), (London & New York, 2016)

Eurasian Integration:  The View from Within, (co-edited with Richard Sakwa), (Routledge, 2015)

22 Ideas To Fix the World , (co-edited with Richard Sakwa), (New York University Press, 2013) 

Democracy versus Modernization: A Dilemma for Russia and for the World (co-edited with Vladislav Inozemtsev), (Routledge, 2012)

Russia: The Challenges of Transformation , (co-edited with Dmitri Trenin), (NYU Press, 2011)  

Current Research Projects

  • Regional dimension of the crisis among the new EU member states (with G. Gorzelak) see:
  • Possible Futures project is a working group of more than 30 internationally-renowned social scientists, seeking answers to the global economic crisis. The project is directed by Professor Craig Calhoun, president of the Social Science Research Council in New York (SSRC), with the collaboration of Carleton Professor Piotr Dutkiewicz and Georgi Derluguian from Northwestern University. The project’s plans include working papers, regular web report updates, more formal papers and at least three books. One book will address the crisis from national and regional perspectives. The second will pursue thematic analyses on topics ranging from the political economy of energy and other resources to religion, media, organized crime, armed conflict and clashes between different economic development strategies. The third will focus on understanding long-term systemic change.
  • Co- editing a “Re-Thinking Russia “collective book – project completion: spring 2010.

Areas of Current Teaching

  • EURR 5001 Interdisciplinary Seminar in European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies
  • GPOL 1000 Global Politics
  • EURR 5200 Interdisciplinary Seminar in European, Russian,   Eurasian and Transition Studies
  • EURR 5101 Russian Domestic Politics

Selected Publications Relating to the European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (*not listed above in slideshow)

Piotr Dutkiewicz and Andrei Zakharov, eds., Basics of Local Governance, textbook for Grade 10 High Schools in Russia, Moscow, 2001, Municipal Power Press, p. 141.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and Magda Opalski, eds., Ethnic Minority Rights in East Central Europe, Montreal, Canadian Human Rights Foundation, 1996, p. 210.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and G. Gorzelak, eds., Problems of Local Development in Poland, Warsaw University Press, 1989,  p. 240.

Piotr Dutkiewicz , “Post-Globalization perestroika of the global markets” (in Russian) in: Civil Service, September-October 2008 No.55 pp.108-121.

Piotr Dutkiewicz, „Asymmetric Power, Heresy and Post-Communism” in Politex, Journal of St. Petersburg University, 2007, vol.2 N0.4, pp. 40- 50 (in Russian)

Piotr Dutkiewicz and Vladimir Popov, Ahead or Behind? Lessons from Russia’s Post-Communist Reforms, in Comparative Constitutional Review, (Sravnitelnoe Konstitutsionnoe Obozrenie , (in Russian) No. 4(53), December, 2005, pp. 9-22.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and Vladimir Popov, Yet Another End to the Russian Democracy (in Russian) in The Main Theme Quarterly (Glavnaia Tema), Moscow, April/May 2005, pp. 100-122.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and Vladimir Popov, The Worst is Over? (in Russian) in Contemporary Europe Quarterly, No. 4(20), October-December 2004, pp. 42-56.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and Vladimir Popov, Democracy Without Liberalism, (in Russian) in Political Journal (Politicheskii Jurnal), No 37(40), October 2004, Moscow, pp. 2-12 (plus 3 tables).

Piotr Dutkiewicz and Sergei Plekhanov, “The Politics of ‘Mimicry’: The case of Eastern Europe,” in The Soldier and the State in the Post Cold War Era, Queen’s Quarterly,  December 2002, Albert Lagault, Joel Sokolsky (eds.), pp.113-145.

Review of “Legal Ontology of Politics” by Alexei Avtonomov in Constitutional Law, Moscow, 2001, vol. 4(37), 2001, pp. 206-207.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and Dejan Guzina, “Challenges of  Democratization:  A Comparative Perspective on the Politics of Transition in Eastern Europe,” in Bulletin of Moscow Friendship University, Moscow, 2001, vol. 3, pp. 57-66.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and Sergei Plekhanov, “Les Relations Civilo-Militaires:  Transfert de Normes et Coopération Démocratique,” in Etudes Internationales, volume XXXII, no 2, Juin 2001, pp. 275-303.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and J. Soboleva, “Unemployment Insurance System:  Comparative Notes on Canada and Russia,” in Problems of Management, no. 2, 1998, Moscow, pp. 1-16.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and Magda Opalski, “Citizenship and Ethnic Conflict:  The Case of Latvia,” in EUROASIA, 1995, no. 3, pp. 71-77.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and Magda Opalski, “Ethnic Conflict in the Baltic States:  The Case of Latvia,”  Distinguished Speakers Series, Royal Military College of Canada, 1995, no. 3, pp. 1-35.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and B. Jalowiecki, eds., “Panstwo i Kultura Polityczna,” State and Political Culture, vol. 5, Warsaw University Press, 1989, p. 273.

Piotr Dutkiewicz, B. Jalowiecki, and K.Z. Sowa, eds., “Spolecznosci lokalne, terazniejszosc i przyszlosc” Local Communities, the Present and the Future, Warsaw University Press, 1989, p. 361.

Piotr Dutkiewicz, Z. Niewiadomski and K. Sobczak, eds., “Strategia zmian systemu lokalnego”Strategy of Local System’s Changes, Warsaw University Press, 1988,  p. 156.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and G. Gorzelak, eds., “Problemy rozwoju lokalnego” Problems of Local Development, Warsaw University Press, 1988, p. 217.

Piotr Dutkiewicz, K. Sobczak and Z. Niewiadomski, eds., “Prawne problemy funkcjonowania wladzy lokalnej i samorzadu terytorialnego. Synteza wynikow badan w zakresie nadzoru i planowania” Legal Aspects of Local Authorities and Self-Government Functioning:  Synthesis of Research Results on Supervision and Planning, Warsaw University Press, 1987, p. 96.

Piotr  Dutkiewicz, Alison Keating, Maryana Nikoula, Evgeni Shevchenko, “ Juvenile Justice in Russia”, AUCC, 2009, pp. 181 (authorship in equal parts).

Piotr Dutkiewicz, “ Re-Thinking Russia”, Russia in Global Affairs (in English), No.4 October – December, 2009.

Piotr Dutkiewicz and Vladimir Popov, “Russia and the West: Linking Economic and Foreign Policy” in: J.L.Black and M.John,(eds.)  From Putin to Medvedev , Penumbra Press, 2009 ,  pp.148-163.

Piotr Dutkiewicz, “Russian Developmental State “(in Russian), in Russia in Global  Affairs, No.5 September-October, 2009, pp.73 – 86.

Piotr Dutkiewicz, “Global Crises – Short Term Prognosis and Policy Reponses” (in Russian) in: Civil Service, July-August, 2009, No.60, pp.6-16.

Piotr Dutkiewicz, “Post-Globalization perestroika of the global markets” (in Russian) in: Civil Service, September-October 2008 No.55 pp.108-121.

Select list of Invited Lectures

2009: Trento University (July) Georgia – A Glossa to the Theory of a Failed State; P. Dutkiewicz was invited to present papers for two conferences (World Public Forum) on different aspects of political development in Russia in the context of the global economic crises: Vienna, (December 2008) and Paris (January 2009). October 2009, Dialogue of Civilizations Conference, Rhodos, paper : Russia as Developmental State;

P. Dutkiewicz was invited to present papers for two conferences (World Public Forum) on different aspects of political development in Russia in the context of the global economic crises: Vienna, (December 2008).

2008: Warsaw University, public seminar, “Can Russia Meet the Challenges of the Future”.

“Dining with President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin: Reflections on Recent Russian Development” (September 25th) at Carleton University (EURUS).

2007: Piotr Dutkiewicz, Russian   Globalization: Dialogue v. Clash or Partnership v. Competition, Conference Globalization and Social Justice, People’s University, Moscow, Russian Federation; St. Petersburg University, Conference – Dialogue of Civilization, paper on

“ Common Denominators of the Civilizational Dialogues”; Rhodos, Greece, conference – Education and Dialogue of  Civilization, presentation – “Education as Dialogue of Cultures” (October)

Canadian Institute of International Affairs, conference – “Resurgent Russia: Where Is It Headed Now?” Keynote Speaker: “How V. Putin Changed Russia” (November)

Selected Professional Contributions:

  • Member of the International Editorial Board of the journal, Juvenile Justice, Russia, Moscow
  • Member of the Editorial Board, Academic Journal “Politeks,” St. Petersburg University, Russian Federation.
  • Director, Centre for Governance and Public Management, Carleton University, Ottawa (2008-)
  • Director, Institute for European and Russian Studies, Carleton University, Ottawa (2003 -1008)
  • Professor, Department of Political Science, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. Supervisor of Graduate Studies, Department of Political Science (1998-2000); Associate Director, Institute for European and Russian Studies (1996-2003).
  • Member, CBIE Advisory Board for the “Partners in Civil Society” program, Ottawa, Canada
  • Co-Chief–Editor, Review of European and Russian Affairs (with Professor OliverSchmidtke, University of Victoria),
  • Member of the Canadian Pugwash Group.
  • Diploma/Letter of Recognition from the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation for the “Great contribution to the development of the labor market for women”.
  • Member of the Canadian Official State Delegation to Russia
  • Letter of Recognition from the President, Moscow University, “For the achievements in scholarship,” Russian Federation.
  • Letter of Recognition, Russian Minister of Education, “For the great contribution to the development of Russian-Canadian relations in the area of education”

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