Photo of Martin Geiger

Martin Geiger

Associate Professor - Migration Politics, Development and Innovation, Europe, Russia, China and Africa & Undergraduate Supervisor

Degrees:Dipl. Geograph (Bonn), PhD (Bonn)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 3232 (e-mails preferred)
Office:RB 3314

Dr. Martin Geiger (PhD, University of Bonn/Germany) is Associate Professor of ‘Politics of Human Migration and Mobility’ at Carleton University.

In his research, teaching and publications he focuses on European and global migration governance, the role of inter-state and private actors in migration management, and interrelated aspects of political regulation, development (innovation and growth) and population change (mobility, migration and demographic change).

Dr. Geiger is cross-appointed between the Department of Political Science and the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies. He is also an active member of Carleton’s ‘Migration & Diaspora Studies’ (initiative, the Centre for Europe Studies (CES) – Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and other initiatives and networks at Carleton. Before joining Carleton, Dr. Geiger held various academic appointments at centres and universities in Europe and Canada. He is an honorary member and former senior researcher of the renowned European migration research centre IMIS (University of Osnabrück, Germany), and an advisor on global migration management to China’s leading think tank CCG (Center for China and Globalization, Beijing). Dr. Geiger is also the founding editor of the peer-reviewed ‘Mobility & Politics’ series with Palgrave Macmillan (co-editors: Parvati Raghuram, UK, and William Walters, Carleton University).

Dr. Geiger has received various awards and research grants, including a prestigious German PhD fellowship (Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes), a Government of Canada Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Ontario Early Researcher Award (ERA) and a Capital Educators’ Award. He is currently the principal investigator of a SSHRC Partnership Engage project and an Ontario ERA project on the topic of talent mobility (, the Canadian collaborator in a EU Horizon 2020 project on diaspora entrepreneurship, and the co-investigator of two other SSHRC projects (Insight Grant project on airlines and deportation; Partnership Grant project on the global refugee regime).

Selected Significant Publications

  • Geiger, Martin 2020 (in print) “Shifting Hegemonies in Global Migration Politics and the Rise of the International Organization for Migration (IOM)”. In: Dutkiewicz P et al (eds.) Hegemony and World Order. London et al: Routledge, Global Cooperation Series. —
  • Geiger, Martin 2020 “Migration Governance at the Global Level: Intergovernmental Organizations and Environmental Change-Induced Migration”. In: Krieger T et al. (eds.) Environmental Conflicts, Migration and Governance. Bristol: Bristol University Press: 157-176. —
  • Geiger M & Pécoud A 2020 (eds) The International Organisation for Migration. The New ‘UN Migration Agency’ in Critical Perspective. Basingstoke et al: Palgrave Macmillan, International Political Economy (IPE) Series (ed. Timothy Shaw). —
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