Ann Cvetkovich, Director of the PJIWGS, has published the following essays recently:  “Billy-Ray Belcourt’s Loneliness as the Affective Condition of Settler Colonialism” in a special issue of Feminist Theory on Feminist Loneliness Studies edited by Shoshana Magnet and Celeste Orr; and “Covid Silver Linings” for a Symposium on 2020 Keywords, edited by Jennifer Nash and Samantha Pinto for Theory & Event

In addition, interviews with Cvetkovich have been featured in the following publications:  “Affective Worldmaking in Times of Crisis:  An Interview,” in eds. Schultermandl et al, Affective Worldmaking:  Narrative Counterpublics of Gender and Sexuality; and “On Taking the Affective Turn:  An Interview with Lauren Berlant, Ann Cvetkovich, and Deborah Gould,” in Cultural Studies.