Amrita Hari, current Director and Associate Professor within FIST, has recently shared three new publications!

1) NEW Book: “Making Sense of Immigrant Work Integration: An Organizing Perspective ~~
Luciara Nardon and Amrita Hari created this open access book which explores the wicked problem of immigrant work integration, with specific examples from Canada. Bringing together a variety of disciplinary perspectives, it discusses immigrant work integration as a process of sensemaking, involving multiple actors (immigrants, organizations, communities, and governments) and multiple scales (individual, interactional, organizational, and institutional). The authors identify key players, issues, practices of support, and avenues for future research. This work contributes to enhancing the social impact of academic research by providing a comprehensive overview of the field of immigrant work integration for researchers in global mobility and organizational studies, as well as practitioners.

2) NEW Journal Article: “Being “top-ranked” without “causing troubles”: Comparing federal and provincial immigration pathways for Chinese international students in Canada ~~ Chen Wang-Dufil and Amrita Hari compare available immigration pathways for international students in Canada and provide policy recommendations.

3) NEW Book Chapter: “CH.15 – Chinese Transnational Student Mobilities and Experiences in Canada: Gendering the Student-Migrant Narrative~~ Amrita Hari & Chen Wang-Dufil explore the changing gender composition of international student mobility in Canada.