“This exhibit features self-captured images from 14 sex workers across Canada, showcasing their daily lives navigating sex work, stigma and motherhood. These images aim to provide visual insight to broader audiences of the daily practices, routines and obstacles that these womxn face, and further, demystify cultural images and stereotypes that reproduce stigmas surrounding sex work and broader social inequalities. To best protect the identities of participants and their families, pseudonyms have been used throughout the exhibit.

It showcases auto-photographic research conducted by Sociology PhD candidate, Michelle Lesley Annett, who incorporates the use of feminist and visual methodologies to co-construct accessible knowledge(s). The analysis of this exhibit relies on participant observation and anonymous feedback to further assess the project’s ability to co-produce destigmatizing and empathetic knowledges—bywith and for sex workers. If you would like to share your feedback and impressions after visiting this exhibit, require audio descriptions to access the exhibit, or would like to donate to some Canadian grassroots organizations supporting sex workers, please visit: https://linktr.ee/michellelesleya.”

stigmatized mothers exhibit posters on library wall

Images from the stigmatized mothers display in the library

photo of a book on a woman's lap that says mama why from the stigmatized mothers exhibit in the library

collage of images on a poster from the stigmatized Mothers Exhibit in the Library

Photos credits: MacOdrum Library, Carleton University.