Going back to May of this year, here are the students who have successfully defended their thesis:

Xiaoyuan Geng (PhD), May 4, 2020, supervisor:  Scott Mitchell

  • Development of operational methods to predict soil classes and properties in Canada using machine learning

Katherine (Katia) McKercher (MSc), June 5, 2020, supervisor:  Jesse Vermaire

  • The development and application of a universal trait-based model for rapid bioassessment of freshwater systems using diatoms

Tess MacMillan (MA), June 23, 2020, supervisors:  Trish Ballamingie and John Milton

  • The Role of Regulations in Decisions Regarding the Transition to Organic, Biodynamic, and Sustainable Agriculture Productions:  The Case of Niagara Vineyards

Alexa D’Addario (MSc), July 28, 2020, supervisor:  Jesse Vermaire

  • Are Aquatic Invertebrates Retaining Microplastics in the Ottawa and Rideau Rivers?

Madelaine Bourdages (MSc), Aug. 25, 2020, supervisors:  Jesse Vermaire and Jennifer Provencher

  • Plastic ingestion, retention, and transport in animals from the eastern Canadian Arctic

Luis Padilla-Ramirez (MSc-DS), Aug. 31, 2020, supervisor:  Stephan Gruber

  • Evaluating the effect of accordance method choice on the selection of ground surface temperature models in a subarctic environment

Jennifer Humphries (MSc), Sept. 2, 2020, supervisors:  Chris Burn and Elyn Humphreys

  • Evaluating the impact of snow fencing on snow conditions and ground temperatures along the Dempster Highway, Yukon, Canada

Ada Loewen (MSc), Sept. 4, 2020, supervisors:  Greg Crocker and Derek Mueller

  • Landfast Sea Ice Break-up Processes in Admiralty Inlet, NU

Emmelie Paquette (MSc), Sept. 17, 2020, supervisors:  Gita Ljubicic and Derek Mueller

  • Potential impacts of sea ice and ship traffic change to caribou sea ice crossing areas surrounding King William Island, Nunavut, Canada

Julie Neelin (MA), Sept. 18, 2020, supervisors:  Jennifer Ridgley and Sheryl-Ann Simpson

  • Welcoming Refugees and the Virtue of Hospitality:  An Analysis of Refugee Resettlement through Private Sponsorship in Small-Town Eastern Ontario

Congratulations is further extended to Madelaine Bourdages, Ada Loewen, and Emmelie Paquette who are all continuing on in our PhD program this year.