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Recording: Mindful Writing in Nature for Self-Care

Dealing with our scattered thoughts is challenging on any day, but a year and a half into a pandemic can add an extra layer of clutter. Want to declutter your mind? Feel a little less monkey brain and a little calmer?

One strategy to effectively re-gain some peace of mind is freewriting. It’s a hugely valuable tool and all it requires is a pen, paper and a sliver of your time.  Defined simply, freewriting is continuous pen to paper action for a set period of time without concern for sentence structure, grammar or censorship.  Often guided by prompts, freewriting helps you:

Join us for a guided workshop on freewriting with Lori Rosove, founder of treesANDbreathe, a mindful writing and forest bathing program. Although we won’t be in the forest, Lori recommends being outside near a tree, garden, or flowers during this workshop. No worries if you stay inside as Lori will bring the forest to your screen and will show you how to immerse in nature wherever you are and guide you in freewriting to help you declutter your mind and feel calm. Registration is available at the bottom of this page.

To prepare for this workshop, ensure that you are in a comfortable, quiet writing space, whether inside* or outside, and have a writing book or several loose papers and a pen or pencil ready.

*If you are inside, the breeze from an open window can enhance your experience, as long as it’s not distracting.

About the Facilitator

Lori Rosove, writing instructor and registered social worker, has combined her passion for nature with her knowledge in mindful writing to design a unique wellness experience: treesANDbreathe.  Lori has a huge belief in the calming force of nature and the power of writing to clarify one’s thoughts, and is excited to share that with others as a mindful writing and forest bathing guide at treesANDbreathe.