This workshop will explore how to recognize your specific workplace tasks and how you complete them. We will also include a focus on some remote and in-person work habits. Presenters will provide some personal accessible hacks that have been compiled from various professional development workshops and why it is important to be metacognitive in your own workflow. This session will allow the opportunity for participants to share and learn their own workplace hacks with one another. This session will be facilitated by Amanda Blais, Senior Disabilities Learning Support Coordinator and Jessie Gunnell, READ Projects Officer and is part of the Accessibility & Wellness Series.

Presentation Outline:

  1. Tasks & Software
  2. Some hacks we use
  3. Work-share in breakout groups

About the Accessibility & Wellness Series

The intended outcomes of the Accessibility & Wellness Speaker Series are to:

  • Increase awareness within members of the Carleton community about accessibility issues and how they relate and contribute to wellness of individuals and the community as a whole;
  • Encourage awareness into action approach through the provision of concrete strategies, resources and connections for participants;
  • Highlight the connection between accessibility and accessible practices and the wellness of individuals;
  • Increase the conversations about accessibility.

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