following text is from the October issue of This Month in Research.

In one of the most significant developments in the field of public history for several decades, October 2018 will see the appearance of Volume 1.2 of the new journal International Public History published by De Gruyter.

Co-edited by Carleton History professor Dr David Dean and Dr Andreas Etges of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Germany, IPH is a major stimulus to the field of public history, which has been growing all over the world, both as an academic discipline and as a self-identity for its practitioners.

Published twice a year in English, but with the option of publishing articles also in the original language of submission, IPH provides a mix of theoretical, research and practice-oriented scholarly articles on a wide range of topics. The multimodal journal offers readers a rich experience through the enhancement of articles using photos, film and audio clips.

The journal was officially launched at the International Federation for Public History’s (IFPH) conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil in August. Volume 1 includes articles on public history in Japan and in China, historical controversies in Poland, commemorations of the Russian Revolution, slavery and memory in Brazil, history podcasts in Canada (written by Carleton MA in Public History students Cassandra Marsillo and Nathalie Picard), and, in the October issue, a section devoted to fallen monuments across the globe curated by Professor Dean.

Carleton played a vital role in the establishing the journal, with OVPRI providing financial support, and the funds awarded through a Building Connections award to the Public History Management team have been used to become official partners of both IFPH and the National Council on Public History to the benefit of students and faculty at Carleton. You can access Volume 1 of the journal for free here and for more on IFPH see