Rod PhillipsProfessor Rod Phillips recently talked about alcohol in the context of the covid-19 pandemic. Rod is a historian of alcohol (he teaches a course on it at Carleton) and also writes on wine for the international wine media.

First, he participated in a webcast from the UK with two other wine writers (one of them also a historian) on the subject of ‘Wine in the Time of Plague and War.” The discussion covered a long period, from ancient times to the present, and topics such as the effects of the Black Death on wine production and the availability of wine during World War Two.

You can watch the webcast (60 minutes) here:

Second, Rod appeared on TV Ontario’s ‘The Agenda with Steve Paikin’ to discuss drinking during isolation. Topics included whether alcohol should be considered ‘essential’, drinking patterns during isolation, and the longer term effects of covid-19 of drinking behaviour.

You can watch the broadcast (20 minutes) here: