Three members of the History Department were nominated this year for the 2020-21 Favourite Faculty competition. These awards are based on the Housing and Residence Life Services’ request for nominations for favourite overall faculty member.

The official list, including some of the feedback received with each candidate’s nomination, is available online.

Please join us in congratulating the following people:

Kerry Badgley

He cares dearly and sincerely for the care, comfort, and well-being of his students and excels as a professor with his immense span of historical knowledge and effective traditional teaching methods. He regularly motivates us and gives us positive feedback and even asked us before the semester started to send him a brief summary about ourselves so he could better appreciate and understand us. He is the professor I look forward to meeting the most by far and deserves more recognition for his skill and style as a professor. Thank you.

Marc Saurette

Marc is so engaging, very knowledgeable, and shares many interesting facts with the class. He creates a great class environment (for online too!) and he took the opportunity to get to know all of us and talk to us outside class. His teaching style is very engaging (perfect for a seminar) and he’s super funny (making class extremely enjoyable).

Candace Sobers (cross-appointed with Global and International Studies)

Professor Sobers cares about the well-being of her students and holds us all to high academic standards so that we perform well as students.