1. Employee Intake Form (for New Casual Employees)
    1. Documentation Package Forms (if deemed necessary)
  2. Tax Forms (for Employees)
  3. Information Change Forms (for Employees)
  4. Reporting Forms (for Employees)
  5. Reporting Forms (for Managers & Administrators)

Employee Intake Form (for New Casual Employees)

If you have been hired as a casual employee and this is your first employment assignment at Carleton University, please submit your information and necessary documentation using our online Employee Intake Form below.

Use the Chrome browser for maximum functionality.

Employee Intake Form

You will need to sign in using your MC1 credentials. If your MC1 username or @cmail account does not work, please try logging in with your cunet account (username@cunet.carleton.ca).

If you are having trouble using this application or have any questions, please contact payroll@carleton.ca.

Documentation Package Forms (if deemed necessary)

We encourage all new casual employees to submit their documentation using the online Employee Intake Form. If this process is not working, we encourage employees to contact payroll@carleton.ca to troubleshoot the issue.

Tax Forms (for Employees)

Information Change Forms (for Employees)

Reporting Forms (for Employees)

Reporting Forms (for Managers & Administrators)

These reporting forms can be found by logging into Carleton’s intranet portal.