This information is intended for term and continuing employees, and is an interpretation of the Human Resources Policy Guide and the CUPE 2424 Collective Agreement. In the case of a discrepancy, the CUPE 2424 Collective Agreement and the Human Resources Policy Guide will prevail.

Overtime worked by members of CUPE 2424 and Administrative Technical Staff is compensated at 1.5 times the regular hourly rate. All employees must accept a reasonable amount of overtime when requested to do so.

There are laws in the Employment Standards Act that limit the amount of work that may be performed in a week to 48 hours or 13 hours of overtime if the normal work week is 35 hours. Time in excess of 48 hours per week should not be requested or authorized.

To Request, Approve and Report Overtime

Please submit the Monthly Overtime Report Form if you intend to work overtime.  This form is used to request, approve and report overtime.  The employee and manager should keep a copy of all Overtime Report and Authorization Form for their records, whether the overtime is approved or denied.

Either the employee or the manager identifies the need for overtime and determines the amount of overtime needed in the month. The manager must authorize the overtime hours before they are worked.

How to fill out the overtime report and authorization form:

  1. The employee records the overtime hours worked and any meal allowance payments that are due in the month. The employee signs and dates the “Overtime Worked” section.
  2. The employee completes the “Time off in Lieu of Payment” section and forwards the form to his/her manager for approval.
  3. The manager verifies the overtime worked, the meal allowances due and the method of payment of the overtime and signs and dates the form.
  4. The manager returns a copy of the completed form to the employee, keeps a copy for his/her records and forwards the original to Payroll Services.

Overtime Payment

If the Overtime Report and Authorization form is received in Payroll Services by the 1st of the month, the overtime payment will be paid on the mid-month pay. If it is received by the 15th, the overtime payment will be paid on the end of the month pay. Meal allowances will be paid as a reimbursement on the same pay.

Overtime is normally paid on the month end pay, provided that the Overtime Report and Authorization Form is received in Payroll Services by the 15th of the month. For example, if six hours of authorized overtime were worked in the period from March 17th to March 21st, and the Overtime Report and Authorization Form was received in Payroll Services by April 10th, the overtime would be paid on the pay at the end of April.

More information about submission deadlines can be found on the Submission Deadlines – Overtime Reports page.

All overtime is paid unless the employee requests and is approved for time off in lieu of payment at the time the manager approvals the overtime worked.  Time in lieu of overtime payment earned between February 1st and January 31st must be used before August 31st of that year or the time will be paid out.

When more than 2.5 hours of overtime are worked following a normal day’s work a meal allowance of $10.00 is paid.

Meal allowances should be reported on the Overtime Report and Authorization Form and will be paid by Payroll Services as a reimbursement.