1. What is study abroad?
  2. How can I apply for study abroad at Carleton?
    1. Step 1 – Read and understand the application instructions
    2. Step 2 – Complete and submit the study abroad application with supporting documents
    3. Step 3 – Wait for your letter of acceptance
    4. Step 4 – Read over and follow the pre-arrival instructions

UPDATE: The Fall 2021 and Full Year Study Abroad Program is now closed.

Due to the complexities posed by COVID-19, we are extending the application deadline for the Winter 2022 term (January to April 2022) to October 22nd.

Please review the information below regarding the learning format for Winter 2022 courses.

In light of the challenges and uncertainties posed by COVID-19, Carleton has made the difficult decision to cancel in-person student mobility with the Study Abroad Program for the Winter 2022 term (January to April 2022). This decision to not proceed with in-person study for the Winter is independent of any decision regarding the delivery of courses at Carleton University for the Winter 2022 term. 

Carleton is prepared to offer students the opportunity to participate in our Study Abroad program virtually (i.e. taking courses remotely online) for the Winter 2022 term where possible. 

For more information on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit the International Student Services Office (ISSO)’s COVID-19 FAQ webpage.

What is study abroad?

The study abroad program at Carleton is designed for undergraduate students who wish to study temporarily at Carleton and whose home institution is not one of our formal exchange partners. The study abroad program is not offered at the Graduate level.  Study abroad students may study at Carleton for one or two academic terms, (Fall, Winter or Fall/Winter). As a study abroad student, you pay international tuition fees to Carleton.

How can I apply for study abroad at Carleton?

There are several steps that are required before studying at Carleton as a study abroad student.  Carefully review the steps below and feel free to contact us should you require further information.

Step 1 – Read and understand the application instructions

In submitting your application for study abroad to Carleton University, it is important to ensure that all requirements are completed and uploaded.

Please use the following checklist for submission and supporting documentation:

  1. Incoming study abroad application form.
  2. For course selection, applicants are required to provide a list of pre-requisites for upper year course selection. Lack of sufficient pre-requisites can cause delays in processing. All applicants must present adequate evidence of sufficient preparation/background for the courses they are interested in by providing descriptions (in English) of the courses they have taken. A course number and title is not sufficient. Please the list of Courses Not Available  that are not open to study abroad students.
  3. Official transcript (academic record) included. Document must be an original or endorsed by the home institution and translated into English.
  4. Portfolio for Architecture, Industrial Design, or Interactive Multimedia Design (IMD) course(s) (if applicable).
  5. Audition for performance course(s) in Music (if applicable).
  6. Official proof of English proficiency (if applicable):
    1. Document must be original and translated into English.
    2. Your test date should be no more than 24 months from the time of your application
    3. Minimum test scores required:
      1. Internet Based TOEFL (iBT): 86 (minimum of 22 in writing and speaking, 20 in reading and listening)
        1. Note: we cannot consider a student based on their TOEFL MyBEST Scores. Eligibility will be assessed using the Test Date Scores.
      2. IELTS: 6.5 (minimum of 6.0 in each band)
      3. CAEL: 70 (minimum of 60 in each band)
      4. DAAD (minimum B2 score)

Students must achieve the TOTAL minimum score indicated. They must also achieve the minimum score indicated for each BAND in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

We look forward to considering your application. Upon completion, a copy of your application will be sent to your email automatically.

Step 2 – Complete and submit the study abroad application with supporting documents

Be sure to read the section on course selection very carefully and to include all course pre-requisite information. Do not select a course if you do not have the background knowledge.

Incoming Study Abroad Application

Study Period Application Deadline
Fall term  (September – December) June 15
Full Year (September  – April) June 15
Winter term (January – April) October 22 (for Winter 2022 term only)

Step 3 – Wait for your letter of acceptance

After you have submitted your application form, the ISSO will review your application. Upon acceptance to the study abroad program, the ISSO will send you your letter of acceptance. In the letter you will find your Carleton University Identification Number (CUID), which you will use to set up you Carleton Central account and to apply for on-campus housing, if required. If you require a student visa, submit a copy of this letter with your application to the nearest Canadian Embassy/Consulate/High Commission.

Step 4 – Read over and follow the pre-arrival instructions

Once you have received your letter of acceptance, there are several important steps that should be taken. Please review the pre-arrival information for important steps that you should take before arriving at Carleton.

Questions? Contact the International Student Services Office:

isso@carleton.ca or +1 (613) 520-6600