This page outlines important information to help incoming exchange students select courses at Carleton.

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Courses At Carleton

Every course at Carleton is identified by four letters and a number (i.e. ARCH1111). The four letters indicate the department name. The numbers indicate the course level (1000 level courses are first year, 2000 are second year, etc. 5000 level courses are graduate level courses).

Do not select a course if you have not already completed the prerequisite courses. Exceptions cannot be made to accommodate exchange students without the required background knowledge.

It’s important to note that there are certain courses that are not open for incoming exchange students to take. It is very important that you read the check the list of courses not available for exchange students.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate exchange students are required to be enrolled in full-time studies (minimum 1.5 credits – maximum of 2.5 credits per term). The regular course load is 2.0 credits per term. Exchange students must consult with their home institution to confirm the required courses for enrollment in full-time studies. Information on your course registration will be emailed to your Carleton email account for undergraduate students from the Registrar’s Office. Included in that email will be detailed instructions on how to make registration changes.

Visit the Undergraduate Academic Course Calendar and the Public Class Schedule to see what courses are available.

Graduate Students

Graduate exchange students are required to be enrolled in full-time studies (minimum 0.5 credits – maximum of 1.5 credits per term). The regular course load is 1.0 credits per term. Courses will be registered by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs.

Incoming graduate exchange students should be aware that the availability of graduate level courses (5000-level) changes on an annual basis and registration in specific 5000-level courses cannot be guaranteed. Should incoming graduate exchange students be required to take specific graduate level courses in accordance with the regulations of their home institution, they should contact the applicable Carleton Graduate Department as part of their research into which courses would be available.prior to applying for exchange.

Please note that incoming graduate exchange students may register in undergraduate level courses.

Engineering Courses

Students who have been accepted into Engineering must visit the Engineering Supporting website before registering.

Language Courses

If you have requested a language course and have previous knowledge of that language, you must complete a placement test to confirm your level of proficiency. If it is determined that you have a higher level of proficiency, you will be required to withdraw from the course. Your placement test would be completed in the main office of the School of Linguistics and Language Studies (SLaLS).  For information on the testing schedules, please consult the placement testing page available or call +1 (613) 520-6612. Following the test, an email will be sent to your Carleton email account indicating your language placement. At this point you will be able to register in the course level indicated (space permitting).

You should attempt to take the placement test as soon as you arrive in Canada as space in language courses is limited. Although testing for Carleton students is expected to be completed prior to the start of classes, testing after classes have started is permitted for exchange students. Testing for the Fall term is not available after the end of the first week of classes. For Winter term language courses, testing will begin again in October and continue until December.

Course Approvals

Once a full-time, conflict free course load has been created, students will receive an email regarding their course registration details.