University Owned Devices

Microsoft 365 Defender is the endpoint protection mechanism offered by ITS:

  • Microsoft 365 Defender provides sophisticated anti-malware protection against attack to email, endpoints, identities and applications.
  • The protection is available to anyone using university-owned devices.
  • More details are on the university’s intranet:
  • Contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance in onboarding university-owned devices to Microsoft 365 Defender.

Personal Devices (not owned by the university)

ITS does not provide anti-virus software for personal devices. The ITS Service Desk does not offer support for anti-virus software at home.

All devices types are subject to virus, malware and vulnerability breaches:

  • Windows users on personal devices are encouraged to enable Microsoft Defender.
  • Apple (Macbooks, iPads, iPhones, etc.) and Android users on personal devices are encouraged to purchase and install anti-malware software. The university cannot recommend specific brands for personal use, but these products may be found in your device’s app store.