There are two wireless services available at Carleton: CU-Wireless and Eduroam and is currently available in key locations across campus. All you need is a laptop or portable device with a Wi-Fi compatible network interface card and a MyCarletonOne account.

New Wireless Users

Configure your device to connect to CU-Wireless or Eduroam using XpressConnect at Simply launch the web tool and follow the steps provided.  You will authenticate on the network  using your MyCarletonOne  account credentials.  Do not enter your full email address or any partial domain with the username when accessing CU-Wireless.

You can configure your device from on or off campus.  Once you are near a wireless hotspot on campus, your device will automatically connect to the network.

Please note: to use XpressConnect you must have the latest version of Java in your browser for the setup to function correctly. To download the latest version of Java, visit

Connecting to Carleton’s Wireless Network