Manually Setting up Carleton’s VPN on a Mac OS X

    1. Open up System Preferences and select ‘Network
    2. Under Network Preferences, click on the “+” icon
    3. Select the Interface as “VPN”, the VPN Type as “Cisco IPSec” and leave the Service name as VPN
      (Cisco IPSec)
      . Click Create.

    1. Select the VPN (Cisco IPSec) from the list on the left and enter the following details:
      1. Server Address:
      2. Account Name: username@cunet – i.e. this is your normal username with @cunet added to the end of it
      3. Password: – i.e. this is your normal MyCarletonOne password (CMAIL,
        WebCT, Portal etc)
      4. Check the tickbox “Show VPN status in menu bar” and “Apply
    2. Next click on “Authentication Settings” and in the ‘Machine Authentication’ window enter the following:
      1. Shared Secret:
         Faculty/Staff can obtain the Shared Secret password by visiting this internal webpage.

        Students can obtain the Shared Secret password by visiting this internal webpage.

        If you are unable to access this page, please use your CU email to send your name and role/position at Carleton to

      2. Group Name: CarletonIntranetVPN Note the capital ‘C’, ‘I’ and ‘VPN’. Also make sure it says Intranet not Internet!
      3. Click OK.

Screenshot of VPN configuration

  1. Click on ‘Connect’ and the ‘Apply’ to save the changes when prompted.
  2. You should now be prompted by the VPN Connection window. Re-enter your password. The VPN Connection should now be connected. Click OK to proceed.
  3. You can now access Banner via

Note: Don’t forget to ‘disconnect’ from the VPN when finished to return back to your normal internet connection.

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