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Thank you for your interest in participating in the pilot program. The program runs for 8 weeks from March 22 – May 14.

Throughout the pilot, we ask you to:

  • Try a few short online courses related to security topics
  • Test out the “Report Phishing” button that has been added to Outlook
  • Provide your feedback (you will be entered in a draw for a prize!)

Please note – you are are not being evaluated. The goal of the pilot is to gather your feedback.

Security Awareness Courses


  1. Go to Brightspace and enter your MyCarletonOne credentials
  2. Click on Security Awareness to get started

Training Modules

Once logged in you will have access to the training modules. Each module is made up of several courses.

We would like you to try two or three courses from each of the modules listed above. You can try as many courses as you like at your convenience over the 8-week pilot.

Recommended Courses

Here are a few courses you may wish to try:

Report Phishing Button

Report Phishing ButtonA “Report Phishing” button has been installed in your Outlook mail application. When you click the button to report a phishing email, ITS security is informed immediately and are able to take appropriate action.

Over the course of the pilot, if you receive an email that appears to be phishing, please click on the button to report.

How to Report

  1. Select the phishing email
  2. Click the Report Phishing button
  3. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to report the phishing email. Select Report or Don’t Report.

For further details on using the button, please visit our phishing information page.


The goal of the pilot is to gather your feedback so that we can make improvements before. Please take some time to fill out this short feedback form to share your thoughts.

As a thank you, everyone who provides feedback will be entered in a draw to win a prize!

Provide Feedback Now


If you have any questions or issues concerning the pilot program, please contact ITS Security.

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