Request a Resource Calendar (rooms/equipment)

Resource calendars can be created for booking a room, equipment (such as a shared laptop) or for administrative purposes (to record important dates/events for example). This service is only available to staff.

Submit a request with the details of your request to the Service Desk via the Customer Portal

Uses and features

  • Provides a central calendar that can be opened and booked in Outlook. Calendar resources are booked by sending a meeting invitation to them.
  • Enables departments to implement a booking system for shared resources, such meeting rooms or pieces of equipment.
  • The registered admins of the resource calendar can add add/remove users of the calendar themselves.

How do I Open a Resource Calendar?

  • Open Calendar in Outlook, right-click on the title “My Calendars”.
  • Select “Add Calendar => From Address Book” and search the Global Address List (GAL) for the name of the calendar ex: !ITS-TestRoom

The  naming convention within the Global Address Book for these calendars:

For a room, the calendar would be named using the following format:

Example: !ITS RoomTest  or !ITS LoanerLaptop

Managing access

Access to a resource calendar can be limited if requested