All calls into Carleton University’s main number are routed to our Speech Enabled Auto-Attendant. Callers simply need to speak the full name of the person or department they would like to reach and they will be connected.


  • Speak normally, at a regular pace. Exaggerating your pronunciation may hinder voice recognition.
  • Feel free to interrupt the system at any time.
  • Say the first name followed by the last name. Do not use first or last names only.
  • You can also ask for a department or for a service offered by a department.
  • Use the handset rather than speakerphone. The system will better recognize your prompt.
  • Reduce interfering noise, such as radio in the background.
  • Listen to the system prompts and follow them, after 2 failed attempts your call will be transferred to the operator during normal business hours.

Confirming your name recording and number

Your name should already be recorded in the system’s directory.

To verify the proper pronunciation and ensure that the system transfers you to the correct number:

  1. Dial 1234.
  2. Say your own name (first name last name).
    The system will then announce your name (“Transferring you to first name last name“) and you will then be transferred directly or asked to confirm your request.

If you notice that the pronunciation of your first or last name is not what you would like, please contact the ITS Service Desk to request an update be made to your name in the system and indicate the proper pronunciation of your name. Voice Services will then submit a request to have the name re-recorded professionally, this typically takes 2-3 business weeks for the recording to be changed.