When creating educational media, like lecture videos, there are so many things to consider. Here, we try and narrow down a few tangible solutions to help ensure you’re creating the most engaging videos for your students.

While these resources are geared toward instructors, they can be applied to students who aim to build effective educational videos as well.

To learn more about using Kaltura’s tools, please visit one of the following pages.

  • Kaltura MediaSpace: organize, publish, and share your media using Carleton’s supported media hosting site.
  • Kaltura Personal Capture: record your educational vides using Carleton’s supported screen-recording tool.
  • KMS Go: Kaltura’s mobile device application that allows users to upload and access media.
  • Kaltura Lecture Capture: record your lecture from Carleton’s classrooms on campus.

Capture Your Students’ Attention

One of the ways you can capture your students’ attention is by ensuring you create lecture material (like videos) that engage them. The are a number of different types of lecture videos and the general advice for creating engaging videos might differ depending on the type of video you indent to create. For example, a Welcome to the Course video might not require screen capture while tutorials would require the screen to be captured but might not require the instructor to be viewed.

The most common type of videos are lecture videos, which benefit from two visual streams: screen share and instructor presence. Note that is possible to record two visual inputs with Carleton’s supported screen recording tool: Kaltura Personal Capture, but your computer needs to meet the requirements.

To capture your students’ attention, there are two main considerations to think over:

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