Carleton Leader – “Exploring Leadership”

Your sphere of influence will be primarily within your own department/faculty and your stakeholders will be other members of your team (peers and/or line reports); your own immediate supervisor/manager/chair/director; and, in student-facing roles, students/parents. You will have an instinctual interest in leadership and want to explore the concept further.

The aims of Carleton Leader “Exploring Leadership”:

• Raise awareness of the role and challenges of leadership at Carleton
• Explore what leadership means in their current roles
• Assist individual leaders identify the necessary capabilities required to develop themselves for their current and future leadership roles.
• Help participants identify appropriate development opportunities

What Carleton Leader “Exploring Leadership” involves:

  • Launch Event (half day)
  • Module 1 (one day) Theme: “The World We Are In” – What kind of leadership do we need to address the unfolding issues of our time?
  • Reconnect 1 (lunch)
  • Module 2 (one day) Theme: “Leadership within Higher Education” – How can leaders create the environment for meaningful conversations that just might go somewhere?
  • Reconnect 2 (lunch)
  • Module 3 (one day) Theme: “The Authentic Leader” – Why should anyone be led by you?
  • Leadership Exchange will be conducted outside the formal time spent together as a cohort group
    • The Leadership Exchange involves a half day being “shadowed” by a partner in the cohort and vise versa
  • Observation Project will be conducted outside the formal time spent together as a cohort group
    • The Observation Project involves a half day visiting a campus partner to see what collaborative leadership looks like for that team.
  • Landing Event & Celebration (half day)