Carleton Leader – “Developing Our Leadership Practice”

You will have formal leadership responsibilities; or be expected to in the near future, covering a significant area of work, which has university-wide impact. You will have begun to liaise with colleagues across the university and regularly contribute to departmental, faculty, and university wide teams. You will also have experience working with relevant associated professionals in your field external to the university.

You will typically have line management responsibility for a number of people, although if you don’t, you will need to influence large numbers of senior faculty/staff from across the university to be effective in your role. Your stakeholders are therefore your own team, department, faculty, senior leaders university wide, and external to the university.

You may already hold a broad understanding and awareness of leadership practice and theory, gained through either formal development or your own experience and research.

The aims of Carleton Leader “Developing Our Leadership Practice”:

• Equip individual leaders with the necessary awareness, capabilities and confidence
• Create a collaborative network of leaders working for and across the University
• Develop leadership practices that demonstrate a tangible contribution to the challenges faced and future aspirations of the University

What Carleton Leader “Developing Our Leadership Practice involves:

  • Launch Event (half day)
  • Module 1 (two days) Theme: “The World We Are In” – What kind of leadership do we need to address the unfolding issues of our time?
  • Reconnect 1 (half day)
  • Module 2 (two days) Theme: “Leadership within Higher Education” – How can leaders create the environment for meaningful conversations that just might go somewhere?
  • Reconnect 2 (half day)
  • Module 3 (two days) Theme: “The Authentic Leader” – Why should anyone be led by you?
  • Reconnect 3 (half day)
  • Strategic Impact Group project will be conducted outside the formal time spent together as a cohort group
    • The SIG project work is selected and decided upon by each group
  • Leadership Exchange will be conducted outside the formal time spent together as a cohort group
    • The Leadership Exchange involves a day being “shadowed” by a partner in the cohort and vise versa
  • Landing Event (half day)
  • Post Landing Event Celebration & Reflection (lunch)