Photo of Jay Ramasubramanyam

Jay Ramasubramanyam

PhD Candidate

Jay Ramasubramanyam is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Law and Legal Studies. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology from New Zealand and a Master’s Degree in International Human Rights Law from England. Prior to his doctoral candidature he was employed by the UNHCR in India as Refugee Status Determination Associate and in the International Committee of the Red Cross as Protection Field Officer. In 2010, he had a brief stint as a Law Clerk at the American Bar Association in Washington D.C. working with the Death Penalty Moratorium Implementation Project.

His areas of interest encompass crisis/survival/forced migration, refugee policy, statelessness, human rights and climate change. While in Carleton, he will study the implications of crisis on survival and the impacts it has on decisions on cross-border and internal migration in the context of South Asia. While conceptualizing crisis from the perspectives of the Global South, he will also explore questions of choice and compulsion involved in migration decisions, and the implications such decisions have on adaptability to such threats. Finally, he will attempt to analyse the challenges of adapting International Law and other humanitarian interventions in responding to crisis migration.