Photo of Johanna Peetz

Johanna Peetz

Associate Professor

Phone:613-520-2600 x 1542
Office:314A Social Sciences Research Building
Website:Dr. Peetz's Home Page

keywords: life satisfaction, finances, financial well-being, income volatility, self-regulation, self-control

Research Interests

Time Perception, Self and Identity, Decision Making, Social Cognition, Predictions

I am broadly interested in various psychological aspects of time representation.

How do we perceive time? Time is ubiquitous in our lives, and we often use a calendar, a watch, a day planner without considering that these are visual manifestations of an abstract construct – time. I am interested in how seemingly arbitrary differences in how time is visually or verbally represented (e.g., a calendar that uses a monthly format versus a weekly format) affect how people think about and plan their lives.

Time also matters for our representation of identity. When we think about who we are, we not only consider what we are like right this moment, but also include past and future selves. I am interested in how these temporally extended selves affect our feelings, thoughts, and behaviours in the present moment.

Please see my personal website for more detailed information about ongoing lines of research in my lab.

Selected Publications

Peetz, J. & Epstude, K. (2016). Calendars matter: Temporal categories affect cognition about future time periods. Social Cognition, 34(4), 1-17.

Peetz, J., & Wilson, A. (2013). The post-birthday world: Motivational and self-appraisal consequences of temporal landmarks. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 104, 249-267.

Peetz, J., Wilson, A. E., & Strahan, E. J. (2009). So far away: The role of subjective temporal distance to future goals in motivation and behavior. Social Cognition, 27, 475-496.