1. Extended Time for Assignments
  2. Test and Exam Information
  3. Assistive Technology

Academic accommodations and services are individualized to each student and the learning needs of each course. They must be requested each semester, and will vary course-to-course in order to fulfill learning needs and outcomes.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Letter of Accomodation (LOA)
  • Classroom Accommodations
    • Audio Recording
    • Sign Language Interpreting
    • Notetaking Services
    • Alternate Format Materials
  • Background of Academic Accommodation(s)
    • New Challenges
    • Features of the New Appeal Process

Extended Time for Assignments

Make sure that you know the steps to requesting extended time for assignments and changes to assignment deadlines. This includes what to do before the deadline and after the deadline as well as the responsibilities of the student, professor PMC in the process.

Test and Exam Information

Check here for information regarding:

  • In-Class Tests and Examinations
  • Formally Scheduled Examinations
  • CUOL Midterm Examinations

Assistive Technology

Assistive or Adaptive technology enables students with disabilities to compensate for and minimize educational barriers imposed by their specific disability. It also promotes independence among students with disabilities, which is one of the three fundamental tenets of PMC’s philosophy. As such, we try to promote the use of adaptive technology by students with disabilities as much as possible.

Including information regarding:

  • Assistive Equipment Loans
  • Assistive Technology Centres (on campus)