1. Assistive Equipment Loans
  2. Assistive Technology Centres
    1. PMC Learning Centre – 512 University Centre
    2. New Sun Joy Maclaren Adaptive Technology Centre – 232 MacOdrum Library

Assistive or Adaptive technology enables students with disabilities to compensate for and minimize educational barriers imposed by their specific disability. It also promotes independence among students with disabilities, which is one of the three fundamental tenets of PMC’s philosophy. As such, we try to promote the use of adaptive technology by students with disabilities as much as possible. We try to achieve this goal by:

  • Making assistive equipment available on loan to students who are registered with the PMC
  • Having two locations from which students with disabilities have access to a wide range of adaptive technology
  • Making Bursary money available to OSAP-eligible students to purchase their own adaptive technology equipment
  • Providing technology or technical solutions as needed to suit a specific disability need

Assistive Equipment Loans

Among the equipment the Paul Menton Centre loans are:

  • SmartPens
  • Digital audio recorders
  • FM systems for hearing-impaired students
  • Ergonomic back and seat supports
  • Other equipment as needed

Procedure for Borrowing Equipment:

Students discuss their adaptive equipment need/request with a PMC Coordinator, specifying the length of time and reason for the request. If approved, the equipment is lent to the student after a loan agreement is completed and signed. The maximum borrowing period is one academic term which is renewable.

Assistive Technology Centres

PMC Learning Centre – 512 University Centre

The Paul Menton Centre’s assistive technology lab was built with the funding for Enhanced Services for Students with Learning Disabilities. The Assistive Learning Lab features computer workstations with 22″ monitors. Each computer system is equipped with regular office and internet programs runing under Windows 10.  Assistive software includes text-to-speech (Kurzweil and Read and Write Gold), speech recognition (Dragon), JAWS, nvda, and mind-mapping software (Inspiration).

The Assistive Learning Centre is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m during the Fall/Winter terms and 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the summer.

Contact: Assistive Learning Technologist Jason Goveas, 613-520-2600 ext. 2242.

New Sun Joy Maclaren Adaptive Technology Centre – 232 MacOdrum Library

Students referred by the Paul Menton Centre have access to a wide range of assistive equipment, facilities, and services at the Joy Maclaren Adaptive Technology Centre (JMC). The JMC has six workstations with assistive screen-reading and voice-recognition software.

The JMC also provides a quiet study environment and is open during regular Library hours. Student Attendants are available in the Centre to provide individual assistance during the fall/winter session. During the spring/summer session, students may obtain help by appointment with Heather Cross, the coordinator of the JMC.

Please ask your coordinator for a referral to use the JMC.