1. Volunteer Notetakers for PMC Students
  2. Example of In-Class Announcement

Volunteer Notetakers for PMC Students

A number of students registered with the Paul Menton Centre (PMC) are unable to take lecture notes or can take very limited notes due to disability-related reasons. For such students, one of the services approved based on their disability documentation is a request for a volunteer notetaker. In order to facilitate this service, the course instructors are asked to make in-class announcements as many times as necessary until a volunteer notetaker is found. The example below can be used for that purpose, and provides information about requirements and incentives. However, if the in-class announcements are not successful in securing a volunteer notetaker, please consider the following alternative strategies and suggestions to ensure Carleton continues to meet our provincially mandated responsibility to support students with disabilities:

  • Share your personal lecture notes with the student.
  • Approach individual students in class who you know are diligent in taking notes to invite them to share their notes with the student.
  • Allow the PMC student to audio record lectures (PMC can provide a digital voice recorder).
  • Provide students with Power Point slides ahead of class, with slide notes detailed enough to serve as a good alternative to lecture notes.

Example of In-Class Announcement

(This can be read verbatim to the class, displayed as a PowerPoint slide, and/or inserted in a connect email or a message on cuLearn Please note that you cannot disclose the identity of the PMC student(s) who require volunteer notetakers.)

“The Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities is looking for a volunteer notetaker for this class. The criteria for being a volunteer notetaker includes:

  • Attending all assigned classes
  • Taking complete and legible notes
  • Typing up lecture notes and submitting them electronically within 48-hours after each class (math & other formula heavy notes can be scanned at the Notetaking Office located in room 501 UC)
  • Maintaining confidentiality

It is expected that the notes will be typed; however, handwritten, but very legible notes, or notes containing math, symbols, or graphs can also be used and will be scanned into electronic format at the PMC Notetaking Office.

Volunteers who successfully complete the term will receive a letter of recognition from the Paul Menton Centre. You will be assisting a fellow student meet their disability needs and facilitating their success in the course. Having to take good quality notes as a volunteer notetaker will benefit your learning in the course as well. Lastly, being a volunteer notetaker may prove to be a valuable addition to your resume.

Volunteer work at Carleton, such as the notetaking service for students registered with PMC, can count towards your Co-Curricular Record, the official record of your extra-curricular activities at Carleton University, which may prove beneficial in securing employment or entering graduate school.

Interested students should email volunteer_notetaking@carleton.ca or stop by the Notetaking Office located in 501 University Centre (Paul Menton Centre). Volunteers will receive a letter of appreciation from the PMC at the end of the semester/year.

Thank You.”